Welcome to Miller Dispersion Equipment

Miller Dispersion Equipment is a fully owned & operated Australian Company with W.J. Miller being its founder in 1952. Pat Mulqueeney now runs the company & has had considerable experience with all facets of the business. Having 30 years of hands on experience & completed many 100’s of real time batch’s, there is little doubt that we can design the correct solution for your requipments.

Miller Dispersion  not only provides products, it provides solutions. Miller Dispersion Equipment specialises in designing industrial mixers to suit every application. We believe there is no such thing as one mixer fits all equipment manufactured by Miller Dispersion Equipment  is built to do the specified job perfectly.

Miller Dispersion blades originally designed & developed by Bill Miller has not changed much over the years & would still have to be considered the most efficient dispersion blade available on the global market. In fact, the business was built on the performance of the dispersion blade.