Company Overview

For more than 60 years, Miller Dispersion Equipment (MDE) has been the leader and industry standard in the design and manufacture of made to specification high speed dispersion equipment.

Founded in 1952 by William James Miller, the original design of the simple high speed disperser remains today the most common and effective way of combining dry and fluid solids. Changes in design and technology have only improved the basic single spindle HSD.

Today, MDE offer a variety of industrial sized dispersion equipment to suit every need and we will build to the sizes and specifications required.  Whether it is the supply of a single mixer, or the complete design, installation and commissioning of a greenfield site, our priority is delivering efficiencies to your business, based on your unique requirements.

We partner with other leading organisations such as Novaflow for dispensing equipment and Schold for milling equipment, bringing the best global experience and knowledge to each step of the process through design and commissioning.

From concept to production, MDE guarantees the most cost effective method, from improving production right through to starting up a new plant, ensuring that our clients are always getting a superior result, delivered with the very best service.

At MDE, we don’t just provide products, we provides complete solutions. We specialise in designing industrial mixers to suit every application. We believe there is no such thing as one mixer fits all –our equipment is built to do the job you need, perfectly.

Since 1983, Pat Mulqueeney has owned and run the company and today is one of the industry’s most experienced and trusted professional in all areas of mixing and dispersing.  Pat not only has 30 years of experience, he has thousands of hours of hands-on experience in producing batches from a vast range of machines from around the world.

Today MDE is still fully Australian owned and operated, with its head office and manufacturing facility located at Ingleburn, west of Sydney CBD, and from this location a large range of standard and custom built equipment is manufactured and supplied.

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